Thursday, January 18, 2007

Breathing Building

This is the first writing about my work for the web-site, I write about the Breathing Building first because it is a project I have been working on in one form or another for a little over two years, it is the art I have lived with the most for that period, and for that time it has meant the most to me personally, and so has been the cause of the most excitement and most disappointment.

I'll begin for those interested in the artistic process at the origin of the idea, for those not interested skip to the next paragraph. I must confess the idea has ruminations in the caldron of my psyche occupied with the collected sum of meditations on, and experience making animations. Animation was an occupation I held for a brief time shortly after undergrad. As a sculptor I had no connection to computer art, in it's early years there were available to artists only primitive photo programs more suited to photographers and graphic designers, not much for sculptor's, I had heard about a software package being used by the auto industry that realistically rendered a computer model driving down a road, but that was a $100,000 software package far out of my reach. Years later I was introduced to 3d studio, it was a 3d model and animation software package that ran on a windows NT machine, that's how I got started with computer animation. I discovered that years of watching Saturday morning cartoons provided me with the visual language animation communicates with, it also provided me with a clear line between reality and fantasy, and the important lesson that anything is possible in a cartoon, the most glaring example is animals for the most part aside from talking and walking upright seem to be more advanced life forms than humans, the laws of physics are more like guidelines, and in-animate objects can be animated with all the characteristics of people.

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