Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Floor Rolls and Trails

Peel back time. To peek below at what has come before. Through the process of investigation reveal evidence of time by layers. Organized, rolled upon itself a growing spiral proceeds. At the center a point of investigation moving forward through time building upon itself with what has passed. New growth overlaps at points along repeated cycles, deepening experience upon the order of what had preceded. Proceeding outward the essence remains constant.

Floors are walked upon, dripped on, painted over. From single boards, to a uniform surface. Layer upon layer of time. Marks made, covered, points in history revealed. Removed and set aside what Robert Smithson refers to as “A Discreet Stage”, now recovered, unraveled, investigated, considered momentarily, contemplated, now ready to be unrolled, the present moment restored.

[Aged objects acquire traces of their journey through time. Unpredictable marks and stains are left like finger prints . Through use utility is deteriorated as parts are worn and softened. Decay re-shapes, even when an attempt is made to restore or preserve, as with layers of paint the color and form is altered. Time fades the original object, time authors a new one, it digresses closer to the organic, nearer the original state of the natural materials. In this way all things are fluid]

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